Joe Messinger Jr




                                                                                                                Joe Messinger Jr tying a Bucktail Frog in the early 90's.  

I have tied flies since the age of 5 or 6 which is about 65 years of fly tying for me-so far. I've done fly tying demonstration, taught fly tying, fly fishing and fly casting for more than 40 years.  Have traveled to most regions of the U.S. and some of Canada doing fly tying  demonstrations.  I continue to tie the flies my father created as well as other bass and trout fly patterns. I've written numerous articles for various regional and national fishing magazines regarding fly tying, and fly fishing. I have done some salt water fly fishing but mostly fresh water fishing.  I've been able to include fly fishing for bass, trout, steelhead and panfish in my travels to different parts of the country for the purpose of demonstrating the fly tying methods I use for creating deer hair flies.

I am a Umpqua Fly Designer and a member of the St. Croix, TFO and Regal Vise Pro Staff.


                                                                              Joe demonstrating deer hair spinning at Sportsmans Emporium January 2015



Joe Messinger Sr


 My father, Joe Messinger Sr. (1892-1966) was a professional fly tyer. Best known for the deer hair flies and tying methods he originated. The Messinger Bucktail Frog for bass and the Irresistible dry fly for trout were his best known patterns.  He developed the frog in the early 1900's and the Irresistible in the 1930's.


 Below are some pictures of Joe Messinger Sr fishing in WV. 




                                                                                                            Joe Messinger Sr Fishing Elk River WV in 1932.               



Joe Messinger Sr with an Ek River Rainbow in 1932



Joe Messinger Sr with a WV Smallmouth, estimated early 1940's. 



Joe Messinger Sr on the Elk River in WV. Estimated 1940's